Boris Johnson’s next speech is expected to outline the government’s plans post-lockdown but when is the speech due to happen?

In the time of crisis we currently find ourselves in, more attention than ever is being given to politicians in the hope that they can guide us out of the situation we’re enduring.

As Prime Minister, chief among them has been Boris Johnson who has been in charge of the pandemic response for its duration, aside from his brief spell in hospital after contracting the illness itself.

Mr Johnson made his long-awaited return to work on April 26th and made his first TV appearance on the same day.

Now, the British public has been left waiting for the Prime Minister’s next appearance as we can hopefully start to look forward at how we’re going to recover from this catastrophe once lockdown does come to an end. 

When is Boris Johnson due to speak again?

  • Boris Johnson is expected to make his next speech on Sunday, May 10th.

The Prime Minister’s last televised speech came on April 26th, the day he returned to work after recovering from COVID-19.

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At the time, Mr Johnson spoke of the UK’s successes in dealing with the pandemic, just as the UK’s official death toll exceeded the 20,000 figure. Something that is now approaching 30,000 as of May 5th.

What is Boris Johnson expected to say in his next speech?

According to Sky News and other media outlets, the Prime Minister is expected to reveal the UK’s plan for exiting lockdown in his speech on May 10th.

The speech comes as hundreds of people continue to lose their lives each day across the country but it is expected to offer a ray of hope to those who have respected lockdown rules to this point.

While the Prime Minister is expected to offer up a plan, the lockdown in the UK isn’t expected to come to a complete end for some time as the process will likely have to be closely managed to avoid a second spike in COVID-19 cases.

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