Animal Crossing New Horizons players have discovered a glitch which allows them to duplicate 2×1 items but some players have warned against it.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has a lot of exploits for how to quickly make money. Northern hemisphere players could previously get a lot of bells by creating their own tarantula island, but now there has been a glitch discovered for how to duplicate 2×1 items.While this could potentially bag you lots of money sooner rather than later, some of the community have warned against exploiting this glitch.

This isn’t the first time a duplication glitch has been discovered as Nintendo previously patched one out back with update 1.1.1. Although it was a shame for lots of the community who had used the exploit to become as drowned in bells as Scrooge McDuck with gold, Nintendo’s decision was understandable thanks to how the glitch conflicted with the entire game’s purpose of being slow and requiring work to get better items.

There’s no telling how long this 2×1 duplication item glitch will be around for in Animal Crossing New Horizons, so below you’ll discover how to put it in practice before Tom Nook tattles to the Nintendo overlords. In addition, you’ll also learn why some people are advising against it.

How to duplicate 2×1 items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Follow the below steps to duplicate 2×1 items in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  • Ensure Animal Crossing New Horizons is updated to 1.2
  • Go inside your house, enter overhead view, and place a 2×2 table in the middle of your room
  • Place a 2×1 table next to it and place a 2×1 item on top of the newly added table
  • Once you’ve done that, move the cursor to below the 2×1 table to pick it up
  • Move the picked up table about and hold the left shoulder button to automatically rotate the table when dropped
  • Do this a few times around the 2×2 table and then leave your house
  • Enter your house once again and the 2×1 item should be duplicated

You can find a visual guide for the glitch over on MonkeyKingHero‘s YouTube channel.

Why you shouldn’t duplicate 2×1 items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Some Animal Crossing New Horizons players have warned about duplicating 2×1 items via the newest glitch.

According to some forums, there have been reports about save files becoming corrupted as well as objects like katanas getting stuck and your house becoming glitched.

While we can’t confirm for ourselves whether or not the glitch will truly corrupt your save file (the suggestion does seem well too extreme), it’s not hard to imagine it resulting in items becoming permanently stuck.

It’s ultimately up to you whether you wish to exploit the cheat, but it’s probably not worth it especially when taking into consideration potential ramifications.

But, regardless whether you end up using it or not, Nintendo will surely have it removed relatively soon.

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