SnowRunner is proving to be a difficult game to master for a lot of gamers, here is all you need to know about the Island Lake garage and the oil rig drill as well as the locations of the Khan 39 Marshall and ANK Mk38 vehicles.

SnowRunner is an off-road simulation game from Saber Interactive that “puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful vehicles as you conquer extreme open environments.”

With over 40 different vehicles and three unique geographical regions to explore, gamers are loving the single-player experience.

However, in order to conquer the terrain, gamers need access to garages and fuel but many are struggling to find the garage on the Island Lake map.

Similarly, players are struggling to find the oil rig rill. Locating abandoned vehicles is also posing trouble for players, especially the Khan 39 Marshall and ANK Mk38.

Where is the Island lake garage?

In SnowRunner, accessing a garage allows you to repair, refuel and swap out your vehicles depending on the off-road situation you are encountering.

Unfortunately, there is currently no garage on the Island Lake map of the Michigan region, nor is there a dedicated fuel station. If you need fuel on Island Lake, you’ll have to find a few fuel trailers scattered around the map.

It’s safe to say that gamers are not happy about this, with an entire subreddit created in order to rant about the lack of garages on the Island Lake map. One gamer described Island Lake as ‘A barren, desolate place. Full of reeds and broken dreams. Word is even the wolves fear it.’

No garage on Island Lake? from r/snowrunner

Where is the Oil Rig Drill?

One of the tasks from the Not A Drill mission has recently stumped a few gamers.

In order to pick up the oil rig drill, you will need to drive to the service hub on the Smithville Dam map of Michigan. Once onboard, you will deliver the cargo to the drilling site in Black River.

If you want to actually transport the rig, you’ll need to consider the trailer that you are using as it’s a huge bit of machinery that needs five free cargo slots.

It seems like the recommendation from fellow gamers is that the 6800 is the best trailer to use – you can find it in the garage yard, scattered around the map or in the store.

Where can I find the Khan and ANK vehicles?

There are lots of vehicles to find around the three regions that you can recover and sell but some vehicles can only be gained through in-game purchases of extra content.

Unfortunately, the Khan 39 Marshall can’t be found in-game but it can be purchased in the High Roller Pack DLC for just under $22K.

However, the ANK MK38 can be located in-game as an abandoned vehicle. The truck can be found in the northwestern corner of the Pedro Bay map of Alaska.

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