Harry Potter fans have expressed anticipation and excitement over the prospect of the previously leaked RPG finally being revealed during Summer Game Fest.

There have been countless rumours about an ambitious Harry Potter RPG previpously leaked to be in development for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This hypothetical game was expected to be announced at E3 2020, but seeing as that event is no longer happening fans are praying for it to be revealed during the newly announced Summer Game Fest. And this appears to be plausible with Warner Bros. confirmed as one of the many participants for phase 1.

The first leak for the unconfirmed Harry Potter RPG appeared back in 2018 when footage emerged online. Although the footage was blurry, it understandably got everyone ridiculously excited as it suggested that you would be able to create your own character to roleplay as while attending Hogwarts.

Not much else has been said or leaked about the game ever since then, but fans are hoping for it be revealed during Summer Game Fest.

Will the leaked Harry Potter RPG be revealed during Summer Game Fest?

There’s no knowing if the reportedly leaked Harry Potter RPG will be revealed or announced during Summer Game Fest.

Rumours have suggested that the leaked Harry Potter RPG was going to be revealed during E3 2020, which explains why fans are banking on the Summer Game Fest providing its announcement.

While we can’t say that the existence of the game will be confirmed and that it’ll soon be shown off, what we can say is that a reveal is plausible seeing as Warner Bros. are confirmed to be a part of the phase 1 line-up.

Although it may or may not happen, you should definitely watch the Inside Xbox episode on May 7th that will reveal and show gameplay footage for third-party Xbox Series X games.

Is the Harry Potter RPG coming out in 2020?

There is no 2020 release date for the leaked and unconfirmed Harry Potter RPG.

With that being said, there are rumours that have been reported on saying the Harry Potter RPG is coming out in 2020.

Yet, at the same time, this shouldn’t be taken as gospel as the game isn’t confirmed and Warner Bros. still have yet to reveal the next Batman Arkham game by Montreal.

With the next Batman Arkham game also being rumoured for 2020, it would be impossible for both it and Harry Potter to release in the Holidays of this year as it wouldn’t make sense from a business point-of-view.

Then again, there’s also the possibility that neither of them come out of this year as they are both yet to announced.

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