American sportsman and ESPN broadcaster Damien Woody has gone viral after posting a video of himself dancing on TikTok.

As TikTok is increasing in popularity, more and more people want to have a go at completing ones of its challenges. And it’s not just ordinary people uploading videos anymore, even celebrities are joining in on the fun. 

One American celebrity that didn’t take much convincing to learn one of TikTok’s popular dance routines is famous sportsman Damien Woody.

The former American football player was encouraged by his daughters to give the dance a go, and it has since gone viral in the sports world!

Who is Damien Woody?

Woody is a former American football offensive guard who played for the New England Patriots, Detroit Lions and New York Jets in the National Football League. He is a two-time champion at the Super Bowl. 

The 43 year old from Virginia, USA, has now moved into broadcasting and can be seen on ESPN as an NFL analyst. 

Damien Woody has joined TikTok!

At the end of March, Woody tweeted that his daughters were trying to convince him to make a fool of himself on TikTok

Then, a day later he tweeted again, this time with a video and the caption, “They finally pulled me over to the dark side #TikTok”. 

He posted a video of himself dancing with his two daughters onto his TikTok account @damienwoody. The account only has 210 followers and the original video only has 164 likes!

But when he shared the video onto his Twitter, it gained a huge 379.1k views and has gone viral. 

The TikTok was shown on Get Up ESPN

Get Up is American sport channel ESPN’s morning chat show. Host Mike Greenberg chats about the latest news from the sport world. 

As Woody is a broadcaster on ESPN, they showed his TikTok dance on the programme.

A Twitter user tweeted him a video of her TV, and Woody replied, “My girls are laughing so hard”.

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