During lockdown TikTok has gotten more creative than ever, something which is definitely echoed in the newest TikTok challenge: the Album Cover Challenge. The challenge sees users dress up and recreate album covers, but the challenge doesn’t stop there- they have to use the title of the song they choose as the punchline of a joke.

The challenge is set to a remix of Dave Brubeck Quartet’s ‘Kathy’s Waltz’ which isn’t the first time remixes have been used to make old songs popular on the app (check out the Rockin’ Robin Challenge). 

The more relatable your video, the better and with the endless albums out there, there has been thousands of original videos making this challenge a real hit. Another name for the challenge is the #albumlookalike challenge and some people have used their make up skills to really up the game. 

What is the Album Cover Challenge on TikTok?

The album challenge is a new challenge on TikTok where users recreate an album cover photo as an answer to a question or the punchline to a joke.

Some TikTokkers have taken it to the next level, using costumes and elaborate make up to resemble the album cover as closely as they can. It works like this: a Tiktokker will ask a question or set up a joke and instead of answering it themselves, they will use the title of a song and will recreate the album art in the video.

The more specific the song the better, and many have challenged themselves to find the most obscure songs to use in their videos as the end of their joke. 

How to do the Album Cover Challenge?

Before you start filming, you need to think of a question, or a scenario, where the answer can be the name of an album title. Use this TikTok as an example:

The user says her mum asks her how long she’s on TikTok for and she answers this by recreating the album cover for the song ‘3 am’ by Halsey.

  • Select the sound ‘jxmyhighroller tingz’ on TikTok
  • Start filming and add text with a question or scenario to this part of the video
  • Whilst the camera is rolling, try your best to recreate the album cover you chose as your answer
  • Apply make up, change your clothes, use props and get into position
  • When you’re in position stop the video and upload a picture of the actual album cover you copied
  • Hit upload and see how accurate yours is!

Best of the Album Cover Challenge


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