A guide for how to get the baseball bat in GTA Online so you can join either the green or purple alien gang in their mischief.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been invaded by goofy alien gangs. These extra terrestrial beings come in green and purple, and you’ll need to pledge your allegiance to one if you want to avoid being battered by both. In addition to needing the alien suit though, you’ll also want to get the baseball bat so you can join in on the A Clockwork Orange mayhem.

If you’ve been playing GTA Online you’ve perhaps been attacked by a group of aliens without warning. This could have been from either the green or purple extraterrestrial posse, but regardless of which it’s a trend and wave that is near impossible to ignore as they’re all over the place be it in-game or on the internet via memes and “funny” montages.

For those of you who want to join in on the carnage rather than say goodbye to Rockstar’s online game until they disappear, below you’ll discover how to get the baseball bat so you too can terrorise other gang members or those who just want to play in peace.

How to get the baseball bat in GTA 5 Online

You get the baseball bat used by purple and green aliens in GTA Online by doing a Rockstar created job.

So, to get the baseball bat infamously used by purple and green aliens, open the Play Jobs menu in GTA Online and then choose Rockstar Created.

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Once you’ve done that, select Missions and then find El Burro Heists.

Confirm that you wish to take part in this mission and then wait for the session to eventually load.

When you’re in the mission, proceed to where the objective tells you to go and you’ll soon find lots of enemies with bats.

All you need to do is kill and walk over them to capture their bat and keep it forever.

How to be an alien in GTA Online

You need either the purple or green martian bodysuit to be an alien in GTA Online.

In addition, you also need the baseball bat to be an alien in GTA Online as a supposed rule is melee attacks only.

Provided you’ve got the above, you should be able to swear your allegiance to whichever side you want to join.

However, know in advance that choosing one over the other will make you a target so it’s best not to walk about on your lonesome as you could be swarmed and battered out-of-nowhere. With that being said, slowly being bludgeoned to death by one gang would slightly be better than by both.

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