A look at why there is a green vs purple alien war in GTA Online as well as an acknowledgement of a set date for battle.

As you likely already know if you’re playing GTA Online, the game’s world has seen an invasion of goofy green and purple alien gangs. This has resulted in plenty of fans wanting to know why they’re seeing and being attacked by green and purple dudes all over the place, and here you’ll discover the possible explanation as for why and where the trend started. Not only that, but you’ll also discover a date that is floating around the web concerning a battle between the two outfits.

Although it doesn’t necessarily need to be repeated, the current hype surrounding aliens in GTA Online is because of purple and green gangs who have invaded without warning. These armies attack people out of nowhere with sticks (as well as other means that have gotten some of the community moaning), and you’ll find dozens of amusing videos and memes across the internet.

However, thanks to the oddity of this trend and its supposed emergence out of nowhere, those who haven’t chosen a side are simply wondering why this war exists and why people have decided to wear tight suits that reveal far too much. Below you’ll find a possible explanation as well as a date for a bloody battle.

Why is there a green vs purple alien war in GTA Online?

The green vs purple alien war in GTA Online seems to have become a trend thanks to Tik Tok popularity.

According to the game’s community, funny videos of green vs purple alien gangs in GTA Online became popular on Tik Tok and have now spiralled out of control.

As for the exact origin of the wave, it appears to have stemmed from a popular video on Reddit. The title of the post is “you came to the wrong planet foo” and it shows a gang of extraterrestrials attack a random player with bats (presumably because his fashion sense was horrible with a bandana on his head while wearing white jeans).

The aforementioned video only showed green aliens, but the following war between them and purple most probably comes from the option when buying the suit from an in-game store.

Ultimately, the wave appears to have happened thanks to amusing videos and now memes spread across the web resulting in everyone wishing to participate in the gag.

Green vs purple alien war date in GTA Online

There is a green vs purple alien war date that has spread about the GTA Online fanbase.

Per the game’s community, May 15th will see a war between the green and purple aliens at the Los Angeles Airport.

You can obviously participate in it yourself by showing up in either of the two colours.

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