A dangerous and harmful challenge is making its way round TikTok and Instagram called the Foreigner Challenge, which parents should be aware of.

Lots of TikTok challenges are lighthearted dance routines, games or lip syncs, and more people than ever are loving the social media app and sharing their own short comedic videos.

However with all the good, humorous challenges, also comes a few trends that challenges that clearly highlight the need to make social media a safer place for minors.

There are calls for the Foreigner Challenge to be deleted as the disgusting challenge encourages underage teens to expose themselves online. 

What is the Foreigner Challenge on Instagram and TikTok?

The challenge involves young people making a ‘funimate’ of themselves and posting it onto social media.

Funimate is a video and music editing app that allows users to put photos and short video clips together to form a longer video alongside a soundtrack. The sound used is usually the song ‘Foreigner’ by Pop Smoke. 

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The user than either uploads the funimate to Instagram or TikTok themselves, or more commonly it is sent to a specific Foreigner Challenge Instagram account which is designed to expose the video. The funimate is usually then commented on and rated. 

Warning: The Foreigner Challenge is exposing minors

The challenge started off with people posting a series of selfies and images of themselves but has since turned into something far worse. 

Young boys and girls are now posting explicit images of themselves into the funimate which are being shared all over social media. 

Calls for the Foreigner Challenge to be deleted

Many TikTok and Instagram users are seeing the challenges and warning young social media users not to share exposing photos or videos of themselves online. 

The challenge is actually a form of child pornography and people who are exposing and sharing the funimates are subject to serious convictions if caught. 

Please be aware and be prepared to contact the correct authorities if you know of anyone who may involved in the challenge.

The Foreigner Challenge is going viral

The challenge is escalating far more than anyone initially thought, and calls continue for the disturbing and inappropriate challenge to be deleted continue. Social media users are likening it to pedophilia and it is a very serious issue.

TikTok remain quiet and have not revealed a statement on the challenge. 

What to do if you’ve been affected by the Foreigner Challenge

If you have found yourself a victim of the Foreigner Challenge, and your nudes have been released to the internet, there are a few things you can do. 

We advise to confide, report, protect. 

Tell someone you trust – or choose an online service such as Shout – about what you are going through. Report the leak to the social media platform or to the police if you wish. Protect yourself online by updating your privacy settings. 

For those in the UK, here are some key resources you can reach out to for assistance during this time.

The UK Safer Internet Centre


Revenge Porn Helpline


0345 600 0459

Women’s Aid


0808 2000 247


You can read our full guide on what to do if you have your nudes leaked here.




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