A series of streams are being posted to Instagram Live that resemble a virtual strip club. But after calls that they violate Instagram’s terms and conditions, the videos have been shut down.

We’re a long way into coronavirus entailed quarantine, and still a long way from getting back to reality. Our usual forms of entertainment, be it restaurants, cinemas, concerts, bars or nightclubs, are all closed, with no knowing when they will reopen. 

As a result, there is a need for new forms of evening entertainment, and of course in our current climate they must take place virtually.

This is where Instagram’s latest trend Demon Time comes in. A network of digital strip clubs are being shared on the app, and after numerous attempts for it to be shut down completely, Demon Time is no more. 

What is Demon Time on Instagram?

Demon Time is a series of late-night Instagram live streams which closely resembles a virtual strip club. 

The streams can be posted by anyone but contain a rotation of different women dancing for an audience who are watching live. 

In a usual strip club, women would receive cash, but in this virtual club viewers are encouraged to tip the girls money through CashApp, a mobile payment service which allows you to transfer money to others. The women’s bank details are usually pinned to the top of the stream.

Who started Demon Time?

The trend was started by former basketball player, influencer and nightlife professional Justin LaBoy. He invited his 60,000 followers to join him in live streams with exotic dancers. 

He argued that these women were losing out on money whilst strip clubs are closed due to the coronavirus, and this would be a good way to make sure they could still earn a living. 

Has Demon Time been shut down?

The trend has grown so big that there are now calls for it to be shut down. The streams are getting million of views and although the videos never actually show public nudity, it still violates Instagram’s terms and conditions. 

The main streams by Justin LaBoy have now been shut down, and he has been banned from Instagram completely, but this doesn’t mean that other smaller accounts aren’t still running similar streams. 

Demon Time in Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage Remix

Beyonce has just joined Megan Thee Stallion to create a remix of the popular song Savage, that has been making its way round TikTok for weeks now. 

But Megan and Beyonce left listeners really confused when they mentioned the words Demon Time in their song, with no one actually knowing what it meant.

Now we all know they were talking about these late night virtual strip clubs!

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