Avani Gregg is one of the biggest teenage TikTok stars out there right now, with over 17 million followers. But was it too good to be true, and has her TikTok now been deleted?

More and more young adults are gaining fame through growing popular on the social media app TikTok. It seems like the perfect lifestyle, making short comedic videos and hanging out with your friends all day whilst also earning money. 

But having this lifestyle relies on people watching your TikTok videos, and continuing to follow and support you. So what would happen if all your followers just disappeared?

Well that’s exactly what happened to TikTok star Avanis Gregg, and she had absolutely no idea why.

Who is Avani Gregg?

Avani is a seventeen year old TikTok Star from Indiana, USA. She has over 13 million followers and uploads dance and challenge videos and makeup tutorials on her TikTok account. 

She is part of the LA Hype House, a collective group of TikTok stars who all own a mansion in LA where they go to film videos and hang out. Other members include Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Addison Rae and many more. 

She gained the nickname ‘Clown Girl’ after she posted a TikTok video transforming herself into a Harley Quinn clown-like character. She wasn’t keen on the nickname at first but thanks the video for helping her claim to fame.

She also has a Youtube account with over 650k followers, but has only posted five videos so far. 

What happened to Avani’s TikTok account?

On Wednesday afternoon, the TikTok star’s 13 million follow account @avani was mysteriously deleted, and remained unsearchable on the video sharing app. 

A representative for Avani told Insider that she was not sure what had happened to the account and that she hoped it would be fixed as soon as possible. 

Avani responded to her TikTok account being deleted

Gregg has a second backup TikTok account @lilpapiclowngirl with 1.8 million followers. She posted a video in which she said: “I don’t know what’s happening with my main account. Once again they’re just out for me, they’re out to get me. And I honestly don’t know what I did wrong. I’ll probably get it back tomorrow but my contact at TikTok is sleeping.”

Later on she posted a series of short videos, and in one of them she appears to be crying.

She then finishes with a video where she tells fans to stop commenting on other TikTok accounts asking what happened to Avani’s account, and says that fans should go to her own second account for updates. She explains that she wants people to respect other people’s platforms and it isn’t fair writing her name all over their comment sections. 

The TikTok account is back!

Avani has now been returned with her main TikTok account. 

She took to Twitter to express her happiness that her account had been restored, saying “joy joy joy joy” and then “it’s back”. 

Fans then replied to the tweets, saying “YAY”, “Thank god” and “I’m so happy for you”. I think it’s safe to say everyone is happy that their favourite TikToker is back!

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