TikTokers are biting into apple juice bottles in this new challenge, and apparently it sounds just like biting into a real apple!

There’s a new challenge that’s making its way round TikTok and it involves biting into an Apple Juice Bottle. Yes, a plastic bottle, to see what sound it makes. 

Unfortunately, you can only do this challenge if you’re in America, because it involves a specific brand that’s pretty difficult to get anywhere else in the world. 

But even if you can’t actually do the challenge yourself, the TikTok’s are still really funny to watch. And you’ll soon find yourself wondering, is the Apple Juice Bottle Challenge actually real?

What is the TikTok Apple Juice Bottle Challenge?

In America, there is an apple juice brand called Martinelli’s, where makes its plastic bottles shaped like an apple. 

People on TikTok are doing a challenge where they bite into the bottle, and find out that it doesn’t just look like an apple, it also sounds the same as biting into an apple as well!

Is the Apple Juice Challenge actually real?

The TikTok challenge definitely sounds like it’s fake. 

A lot of the videos seem like they’re adding a special effect sound of an apple, and editing the video to make it look like the bottle is actually making that sound. 

But everyone’s claiming that it’s actually real! And it’s definitely a good piece of branding by Martinelli’s if it is. 

The Apple Juice Bottle mystery has been solved!

Somebody on TikTok made a video solving the mystery of the Martinelli’s Apple Juice Bottle.

They broke apart the bottle and found that the hard plastic was actually made up of three layers of thinner plastic. So when you bend or bite into the bottle, the three layers rub together and make a crunching sound.

So maybe the challenge is real? We’ll never know!

Martinelli’s Apple Juice is selling out!

The TikTok trend has got so big that shops are actually selling out of the apple juice drink. 

Everyone wants to give the challenge a go and find out if the plastic bottle really does crunch, and at the same time they’re discovering that Martinelli’s is actually one of the best tasting apple juice’s around!


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