Facebook introduced the ability to add reactions to posts in 2016, allowing users to thumbs up or express their love, laughter, sadness or anger at a post. And now there’s a new one to add to the mix. In light of the coronavirus, Facebook has added a hug reaction to bring a bit of positivity and support amid the pandemic.

Being in lockdown means that many people around the world aren’t able to have any contact with their closest friends and family. Covid-19 has limited all human interaction, and as a result everyone is seriously missing their loved ones. 

The only way that we are able to communicate with any friends or family who do not live in your own household is through virtual contact. Being able to FaceTime, Zoom, Text or even just send a funny Meme to a significant person in your life makes missing them that slightly bit easier. 

And to bring a bit more love and positivity in such a dark time, Facebook have decided to add two new reactions to respond to your friend’s and family’s posts and show them a little bit of love and support. 

What is the Hug Reaction on Facebook?

Facebook is launching two separate ‘Care’ reactions for Facebook and Messenger to enable users to share their love with others amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

One reaction is an emoji hugging a heart, which can be used for reacting to Facebook posts. The other is a pink and purple heart for reacting on Messenger. 

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Alexandru Voica, the Tech Communications manager for Facebook in Europe, the Middle East and Africa Tweeted: “We’re launching new care reactions on @Facebookapp and @Messenger as a way for people to share their support with one another during this unprecedented time. We hope these reactions give people additional ways to show their support during the #COVID19 crisis.”

How to get the Hug Reaction on a Facebook Post 

  • Find a Facebook post you wish to react to with a hug. 

  • Hold down the ‘Like’ button underneath the post. 

  • You will see six options come up which represent different emotions.

  • Drag your finger to the one that looks like a face hugging a heart.

  • Now you have reacted to the post with that symbol.

How to get the Heart Reaction on Messenger

  • Find a message you wish to react to with a pink and purple shining heart.

  • Hold down the on the message.

  • All the reactions will show again. 

  • Click on the pink and purple heart reaction.

  • You’ve reacted to the message with a heart.

What if you can’t find the Care Reactions?

The Care Reactions are being rolled out on Facebook accounts all over the world. If they haven’t appeared for you yet, don’t worry they’ll probably be on their way and just haven’t got to you yet. 

Also try updating your Facebook app and they may then appear.

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