Everything you must know about when the next Fortnite season 3 is slated to begin following the end of chapter 2’s second season.

Fortnite is receiving update 12.50 and there are multiple articles people can read about what to expect from the patch. However, away from this update, some fans are simply wondering when the next season 3 is slated to begin thanks to the initial end date for season 2 of chapter 2 being right around the corner.

Although it’s always been massively popular, Fortnite has recently been in the spotlight of every main news outlet for its recent collaboration with Travis Scott which broke the game’s streaming record. Much like the in-game concert’s title, this collaboration was an astronomical event that was truly magnificent to watch (even if it wasn’t all that pleasant on the ears).

However, with that event having come and gone, fans are now strictly looking towards the future and thus want to know when season 2 ends so the next season 3 can commence.

When does the next Fortnite season 3 come out?

The next season for Fortnite chapter 2 is number 3 and it is scheduled to come out on June 4th.

Season 2 was initially slated to end on April 30th, but it has been prolonged with the next Fortnite season 3 now slated to commence in June.

This announcement was made by Epic Games on April 14th, and they have promised that there will still be lots of content coming for the second season including “fresh gameplay, new Challenges, bonus XP, and a couple more surprises”.

As previously mentioned, fans currently have update 12.50 to anticipate with several cosmetics having already been leaked.