We all love a good riddle, so here goes. What type of cheese is made backwards?

Looking to keep busy during lockdown?

At the moment, we’re all entertaining ideas to help us remain entertained, and indeed, there are lots of ways we can occupy our minds. 

You can watch a film or TV series, read a book, take up a new hobby, get more into cooking, and of course, exercise more. 

As the lockdown continues, we’re seeing an increasing amount of people make pacts to get into shape and ensure their good health. However, it’s important to note that exercise isn’t all physical.

Your brain needs a workout too, and we’re also seeing so many social media posts serving up riddles and puzzles to help. 

It’s interesting to see that there have been some newly devised offerings, but for the most part, we’re looking it a wealth of classics that have been circulating for years. They’re just more prevalent now. 

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Let’s address one of the best…

What type of cheese is made backwards?

So, here’s the riddle:

“What type of cheese is made backwards?” That’s it, that’s the riddle. Simply told, and like most great riddles, designed to throw you completely off course. 

Some will look at the question and think that it’s referring to the process of making the cheese. However, it’s actually far more straightforward than that. Pay careful attention to the choice of words…

Still haven’t got it?

Well, not to worry. We have the answer for you down below.


Answer: What type of cheese is made backwards?

  • What type of cheese is made backwards? The answer is “Edam”. 

Do you get it?

Essentially, the riddle is asking you to determine the name of the cheese which results from reversing the word “made”. Of course, “made” backwards spells out “edam”. 

The semi-hard cheese originated in the Netherlands and is actually named after the town of Edam, located in the province of North Holland. So, there you have it!

Be sure to run this one by your family and friends to see if they can get it. 

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