K-pop star and rapper Lisa from Blackpink is the latest star in a meme that has gone viral on Twitter.

The lockdown period across the world has given the opportunity for some to come up with new viral trends and memes.

Some are after physical activities like dance challenges on TikTok, while others are continuously using the self-isolation time to create hilarious memes on social media.

For instance, the new ‘Did It Work’ meme on Twitter involves K-pop star Lisa from the South Korean band Blackpink.

So, what’s the meme all about?

What is the ‘Did It Work’ meme?

This new meme was born after the performance of Blackpink band member Lisa in a video of QUIN and 6LACK’s ‘Mushroom Black’.

The Thai rapper wears black shorts and long black boots and some saw the perfect opportunity to create a ‘did it work’ meme out of Lisa’s legs.

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In the memes, the singer’s legs are photoshopped to various characters from movies and TV shows, including Shrek and several Hollywood actors.

‘Did It Work’ meme on Twitter

It’s not clear who initiated the new meme as often when one thing goes viral, it’s hard to trace back where it originated from. 

But Twitter users seem to enjoy the trend as many have shared their take on the meme, using their own snaps as well.

But what’s even more incredible is that the trend has gained huge popularity among the official Twitter pages of Netflix, Fox and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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