The slapstick comedic duo of Laurel and Hardy have become the perfect embodiment for the End of Every Zoom Meeting with this meme.

We all have to stay indoors for awhile longer thanks to the continuation of lockdown, and this means that workers who can perform their jobs at home will still be using video apps such as Zoom to conduct meetings. And, for those of you who have suffered the awkwardly never-ending onslaught of goodbyes, this End of Every Zoom Meeting Meme from Laurel and Hardy will make you laugh as well as feel terrible about how accurate it is.

There are plenty of memes you can find about the everyday realities of Zoom meetings on the web. Most of these memes are about young people coming to grips with online learning, whereas others are about famous incidents in which one boss turned herself into a potato without knowing how to revert the filter, as well as one employee accidentally showing themselves using the toilet.

However, while most of them are simply funny, the Laurel and Hardy End of Every Zoom Meeting Meme is both hilarious and disturbingly true.

What is the End of Every Zoom Meeting Meme?

The End of Every Zoom Meeting Meme is a clip from Laurel and Hardy.

Acting as an embodiment of every Zoom meeting, the meme shows Laurel and Hardy saying goodbye to a neighbour with the farewells never stopping.

The exaggerated hand waves and overuse of ‘goodbye’ and ‘have a good day’ is part of the joke as nobody says adieu quite like this in reality despite it commonly happening at the conclusion of every video conference.

Not to mention the never-ending goodbyes are disturbingly accurate too as no one ever wants to be the first to hang up on the meeting.

It’s an amusing clip that will put a smile on your face, but it’s also incredibly realistic and therefore could give you shivers from reminiscing about the awkward goodbyes you recently participated in with your team on Zoom.

If you’ve seen the meme before or are finding it familiar, you might remember it from when it was used by some to embody and take the mickey out of Brexit.

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