A speech by Joe Biden has turned out to be very controversial as social media users wonder exactly what the phrase ‘Economic Intercourse’ really means.

This week, American politician and 8-year Vice President of the United States Joe Biden addressed the country on the issue of the coronavirus on 4 News. He said:  “If we solve the problem in the United States of America and you don’t solve it in other parts of the world you know what’s going to happen. You’re going to have travel bans. You’re not going to be able to have economic intercourse around the world.”

Little did he know, that this short speech would go viral all over social media. The internet has congregated together in confusion, as everyone wonders the same question. What does ‘Economic Intercourse’ actually mean?

No one knows what he meant by the phrase, but that hasn’t stopped people from coming up with their own ideas, with the whole world making some hilarious memes related to Biden’s strange speech.

People are relating Economic Intercourse to Sexual Intercourse

Some of the most popular memes are by no surprise insinuating that Joe Biden’s words were related to sexual intercourse. 

Although Biden certainly wasn’t talking about any form of sexual contact in his speech, the meme’s are still pretty funny, even if they are absolutely ridiculous. 

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Others are using the opportunity to express their dislike for Biden

A lot of people are actually just using his silly speech as an excuse to make memes to express their hatred towards Joe Biden, claiming that he is old and senile and doesn’t know what he is talking about. 

There’s even Memes insulting Trump

Social media users are even taking the opportunity to relate Biden’s ‘Economic Intercourse’ phrase to Donald Trump.

Many are saying that the country has no chance at success with both Trump and Biden at the top of American politics.

What does Economic Intercourse actually mean?

Some people have taken to Twitter to put down all of the stupid memes and reveal what ‘Economic Intercourse’ actually means, in political terms. 

Intercourse is “dealings or communication between individuals, groups or countries”. So what Biden actually meant, was that America wouldn’t be able to economically trade and communicate with the rest of the world.

Perhaps Biden isn’t so stupid at all, and the social media users are actually the foolish ones!


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