The cookie, banana and clock puzzle has people stumped, so here’s the answer.

As the lockdown continues, it’s becoming a little tougher to fill the days. 

Many of us have been facing down more free time and coming terms with the fact we have far less to do with it, whether that’s because of being off from work or not seeing friends. 

There are still plenty of ways to keep entertained, whether that’s through reading, writing, watching TV, films, listening to music etc. 

One thing many have decided to throw themselves into over recent weeks is exercise. It’s important to remain healthy during this time, but of course, not all exercise is physical. 

Your brain needs a workout too and we’re seeing lots of riddles and puzzles on the likes of Facebook challenging people to use their heads. 

This latest one is perhaps one of the best yet. 

Cookie banana clock puzzle

This riddle involving cookies, bananas and clocks [see below tweet] has had many staring at their screens and scratching their heads since it surfaced online.  

It’s a tough one, but we’ll cut you a break and let you in on some clues…

Firstly, look at how many chocolate chips are in each cookie

Secondly, look at the time on the clock.

Still can’t quite determine the answer? Well, not to worry. We have the answer below! 


Cookie banana clock puzzle answer

  • The answer to the cookie, banana, clock puzzle is 10. 

“Wait, what?” 

If that was your reaction, we’ll happily break it down for you!

So, the value of the cookie is determined by how many chocolate chips are in it. With the clock, on the other hand, its value in the sum is determined by the time it is showing; if it’s 2 am/pm, then it’s worth 2. 

With the bananas, it depends on how many are in the bunch. If there’s just one, it’s worth 1, but if there are four, it’s worth 4. 

So, we’re actually being asked to work out the following: 2 + 1 + 1 X 7 = ?

Breaking that down, we’re being asked to solve 2 + 1 + 7. So, the answer is 10!

Now you know the answer, be sure to share around with your family and friends to see if they can get it. 

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