Fans who have avoided spoilers for The Last Of Us Part 2 are seeing the name Abby everywhere unaware that this new character first debuted in 2017.

The Last Of Us Part 2 has been given a new release date in June but for many fans the damage has already been done thanks to heavy spoilers that were leaked across YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and any other social media platform you can think of. If you’ve managed to avoid the spoilers but keep seeing the name Abby everywhere, the least you should know is that their debut was made in controversial fashion back in 2017.

As for where The Last Of Us Part 2 spoiler leaks originated from, there are reports online which suggest they came from a disgruntled employee over a payment dispute. Regardless of whether you side with Naughty Dog, the individual, or see them both as guilty parties who haven’t acted accordingly, there’s no denying that the surfaced spoilers are huge and have turned a lot of vocal people sour on the sequel.

One name you’ve probably seen smeared all over the internet is Abby. And, if you’re thinking that you must’ve forgotten about her from the 2013 beginning, you should know that they’re an entirely new character. The debut of this fresh face being was made back in 2017, and this reminder won’t include any spoilers from the leaks that have surfaced all over the web.

Neil Druckmann responds to Last Of Us 2 leaks

Neil Druckmann has somewhat responded to The Last Of Us Part 2 spoiler leaks.

Although Druckmann doesn’t specifically mention anything about the spoiler leaks, he posted a message on Twitter yesterday saying he is heartbroken for The Last Of Us Part 2 development team and fans.

This sad reflection from the famed video game writer came with a message from Naughty Dog promising that the “final experience will be worth it” regardless of what has been said or heard.

Who is Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2?

Abby is a new character in The Last Of Us Part 2.

This newcomer Abby made their debut for The Last Of Us Part 2 in a controversial trailer that was showcased at Paris Games Week in 2017.

As for why this trailer was so controversial, it’s because the brutality sparked more never-ending discussions and criticisms about video game violence.

We won’t reveal who performs the character, but Neil Druckmann did describe the newcomer as one of his “favourite characters” which is sure to anger the irate fans even more.

For you see, if you’ve found the name Abby connected to The Last Of Us 2 online, then it’s most definitely been in ill-regard as a lot of vocal fans are not happy.

There were theories back in 2017 that the mysterious newcomer now known as Abby was Ellie’s mum, and – despite the current hate that can be found online – their appearance in the trailer was neat thanks to their brutality and viciousness.

We’d recommend you avoid the spoilers concerning the character at all costs as they do pertain to the beginning and end of the game, plus so much more.

Meanwhile, if you’ve seen the spoilers and are cursing the name Abby, your anger is understandable and shared, but keep in mind that context, time, and actually playing the game could cause you to do a one-eighty.

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