TikTok has suddenly taken off, which has brought with it a wave of new social media stars. Government lockdown has only caused more and more people to download the app and become hooked. Dances, challenges and comical videos are all the rage on TikTok with its stars leading the way with the trends.

The fact that TikTok is still a relatively new app (it was previously known as @musical.ly) means anyone has the  potential to make it big on the app and Tiktokkers who only downloaded the app months ago are already reaching millions of followers.

Some people have started to wonder how much money TikTok stars really earn on an app where videos are short and sweet and there is little room for advertisements like on platforms such as Youtube. We’re going to break down for you the most followed TikTokkers and how much they earn per post, as well as the most followed celebrities on the app (hint: The Rock is involved!). 

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Who has the most followers on TikTok?

Currently with the most followers on TikTok is Charli d’Amelio, a fifteen year old from Norwalk Connecticut, who only started her channel in June 2019.

Charli has 51.4 million followers and over 3 billion likes and since starting her channel less than a year ago she has signed with United Talent Agency, danced with Jennifer Lopez and appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, just to name a few of her achievements.

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Charli is the first person on the app to hit 50 million followers and her follower count grows so quickly she amassed just over 4 million followers in 16 days.


Charli recently overtook Loren Gray as the most followed person on TikTok, who has 42.6 million followers and just over 2 billion likes. Loren,18, is now the second most followed person on the app, and started out on TikTok in 2015, back when it was known as ‘Musical.ly’ before growing her other social media platforms and starting a Youtube channel.

Loren has released several songs of her own and has appeared in Taylor Swift’s music video for ‘The Man’ as well as HRVY’s video for ‘Personal’. 


In third place is Zachking, a 30 year old made famous by his Youtube videos which he started in 2008 and his Vine account which was made in 2013. Zach originally started out by doing tutorials on how to use a video editing software before progressing into comical videos which use editing tricks to appear as though he is using magic, which he calls ‘digital sleight of hand’.

Currently, Zach has 41.8 million followers on TikTok, putting him in third place for the most followed person on the app.


Who earns the most on TikTok?

Charli d’Amelio earns an estimated $48,199 per post, which isn’t too shabby when you consider that most TikToks are less than one minute long. Loren comes in at a close third with $42,208, with Zach King shortly after with $40,974 per post.

After them, in order of estimated earnings per post the list goes: Riyaz Afreen, Addison Rae, Baby Ariel, Spencer X and Gil Croes.

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What celebrities have the most followers on TikTok?

The most followed celebrity on TikTok is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who currently boasts 22.2 million followers and only follows on person himself, who is Kevin Hart. In second place is Kpop group BTS who have 11 million followers and 69.9 million likes- they post mainly funny videos, dances and group shots.

The third most followed celebrity is Hailey Beiber, who has 4 million followers despite only creating an account in March 2020.


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