Following another wave of privacy invasion, here’s our guide to keeping yourself safe and protected online.

By now, it’s common knowledge that people – whether they are in relationships or not – send intimate photographs to one another.

But time and again, the issue of leaked nudes ends up the talk of the town and it is happening at both a macro- and micro-level: whether that be for celebrities watching as their private images are blasted across the internet and media, or for students whose images get circulated among their classmates.

As the Foreigner Challenge is now dominating TikTok and Instagram – a cruel new challenge which encourages social media users to upload their exes nudes – we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to lay down the law. 

Here’s what you can do if someone has leaked your nudes online, from reporting to the appropriate authorities to finding a confidante. 

Confide in others 

If you have intimate photographs or videos of yourself leaked to the internet, it will inevitably have an impact on your mental wellbeing. It is vital to confide in someone about what you are going through. 

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As it is an incredibly sensitive topic, we understand that many might not feel comfortable sharing this with parents, friends or family, but there are numerous online, confidential resources you can lean on. 

Shout is an excellent free text-based service, where you can chat to a trained professional about your current situation and the impact it is having on your mental health. Use their text number 85258.

Report it to the police

One of the major concerns of nude images being leaked to the internet, is that it often involves teenagers. This is viewed, in the eyes of the law, as distributing child pornography. 

The CPS states that “A child is a person under 18,” and indecent images taken and/or distributed of those under the age of 18 is classified a criminal offence. This means that even consenting teenagers can be found guilty of the crime. 

If you are under the age of 18 and have images leaked of you, you can report this to the police. 

For those over the age of 18, there are numerous laws in place which can protect you against revenge porn or having sensitive images distributed without your consent. You can see what the CPS has to say about these cybercrimes here

Without My Consent is a US-based company which helps victims of revenge porn and unwarranted distribution of nude images. They created the Something Can Be Done! resource guide, which takes you step-by-step through reporting the crime.

Request a removal  

There are multiple ways in which you can get your images taken off the internet. You can report images with just the click of a button on TikTok and Instagram, and also report the users who have shared the picture. 

Nude or sexually explicit content is generally banned across all social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube all have strict content guidelines. Anything breaching these guidelines can immediately be reported and taken down. 

When it comes to Facebook, you can even can track the status of your report in the Support Dashboard

Protect yourself online

The final thing we would suggest following the above, is to revisit all of your privacy settings. 

For the most part, leaked nudes and revenge porn occurs when an image has been sent consensually. But as hacking becomes more commonplace, many have found themselves subject to a breach. 

Update your passwords on all social media, emails, and cloud storage. Be sure not to use the same password for every account, and make your password a combination of letters and symbols.

Key resources

For UK users, here are some key resources you can reach out to for assistance during this time.

The UK Safer Internet Centre

Revenge Porn Helpline

0345 600 0459

Women’s Aid

0808 2000 247

For a list of online resources for the rest of the world, check out the full list here


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