TikTok is no stranger to a scandal, but the latest one is one people did not expect. TikTokker Emmuhlu, famous for her short rants and love of Nicki Minaj, is the latest user to get embroiled in controversy.

Emma has lost hundreds of thousands of followers and supposedly ‘cancelled’ by fans after a video leaked of her using a racial slur.

However, some fans have protested the amount of backlash Emmuhlu is receiving is unfair and that people should be more mindful of mental health, particularly following the suicide of Caroline Flack.

Who is Emmuhlu? 

Emmuhlu is a TikTokker who also goes by the name ‘Barb’ due to her love of Nicki Minaj and achieved fame on the app from her short rants and original content.

Emma was named by Paper Magazine as one of the leading force of the #barbzforbernie campaign (a barb being the name of a Nicki fan). She has also publicly fought against Trump Supporters, and in March 2020 a petition was launched online to get her kicked off the app due to her alleged intimidation of a Trump supporter. 

Two days before the video was leaked Emma posted a photo of a politically liberal themed brochure. The brochure supported the Black Lives Matter movement, women’s reproductive rights and climate science.

Emma captioned the photo: ‘I will never stop supporting and fighting for marginalized groups in America. I understand that many privileged people use being awake and not being racist and homophobic and having a minimum of compassion for the experience of people marginalized for attention and praise.’

This, in part, was the reason many fans were so shocked at seeing Emma use racist language.

How did Emmuhlu apologise?

Emma, unlike a lot of celebrities when caught in scandals like this one, owned her actions, apologised and made it clear that she was ’embarrassed and humiliated’ with the things she said.

Emma posted several TikTok videos with written apologies. She said:

‘Everything that I stand for with my entire heart and being has been tarnished. It’s completely lost credibility, I know that. Every black person that knew of me, every black person that cheered me on, had faith in me and trusted me, this completely blew up in their faces. I failed everyone.’ 

Emma told fans: ‘There is no excuse. There is no excuse as to why I thought that was funny. Why I thought it was appropriate to say those thing and laugh and say blatantly racist comments.’

What do fans think of Emmuhlu’s apology?

Emmuhlu’s comments were full of fans saying ‘we were rooting for you, we were all rooting for you’ and ‘I trusted you’. One tweeted:

‘Yes I understand that people can change. No I don’t think that emmuhlu is still a racist. But listen: she has lost my support. Period.’

Others released her private information, made fun of her mental health problems and have threatened her life. 

Most TikTok users, though disappointed, do not agree with the violent reaction to Emmuhlu’s video and one tweeted:

‘Emmuhlu no longer deserved her platform, however that is where it should stop. Everything beyond that is just bullying and from the looks of it she is not okay’, while another said ‘I don’t support emmuhlu anymore nor do I think it’s okay to make excuses for her however leaking numbers, addresses, contacting her abusive parents and bringing up past trauma is not f***ing okay.’

Other fans complained of the double standard of ‘cancel culture’ claiming TikTokker’s Lil Huddy and Mattia Polibio did not receive the same level of backlash. 

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