Netflix’s After Life has returned for its long-awaited second season and fans are full of praise once again.

Ricky Gervais can often be seen as a Marmite figure for many, you either love him or you hate him.

When it comes to his stand-up or awards ceremony hosting, the 58-year-old comedian can be somewhat divisive.

However, something that absolutely cannot be argued is that when Ricky Gervais has an idea for a film or TV series, more often than not, he strikes gold.

Following in the footsteps of The Office, Extras and Derek comes the Netflix series, After Life, and while there is still comedy throughout the series, Ricky Gervais manages to cram plenty of heart and emotion into the poignant series. 

In April 2020, After Life returned to Netflix for a second season and, unfortunately for lead character Tony, there’s another heartbreaking loss in store. 

After Life season 2 on Netflix

After the first season of After Life landed on Netflix in March 2019, it wasn’t long before a second season of the show was ordered up and on April 24th 2020, that second season finally arrived.

Season 2 continues the story of Tony as he has to deal with life after the death of his wife. We follow the character on a series of misadventures as he looks to be kind to others around him in the hopes of improving his mental wellbeing.  

While the series has its moments of comedy, the emotional impact After Life has had on viewers cannot be overstated. Social media is full of comments praising the series and, according to The Sunday People, Gervais has received countless letters from fans who have thanked him for delving into the topics covered in the series.

And now, after season 2, there are about to be a whole lot more after episode 5 touches on another tragic part of life.  

Episode 5 of After Life season 2

Episode 5 of After Life’s second season sees the community theatre’s revue open with as much success as you would expect.

While waiting backstage, Tony phones Emma, a nurse at his father’s care home who he’s grown fond of.

However, Emma has some devastating news for Tony as she reveals that his father, Ray, who had been suffering from dementia, has sadly passed away.

The tear-jerking episode spends its final few moments recounting Tony’s feelings for his father, how he never wanted to disappoint him and we see a video of the pair getting drunk while playing cards as the episode ends.

Fans praise After Life’s handling of ‘touching’ subject

It’s safe to say that fans have been full of praise for After Life’s second season and the touching manner in which it handled the passing of Tony’s father, a storyline that could well have been influenced by the passing of Gervais’ own father in 2002.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Ricky I can’t get the right words to say about Afterlife 2. Was there a little bit in there about your dad. I cried and laughed. You’re a lovely, intelligent crazy man. Thanks for everything you do.”

While another fan added: “Just smashed season 2 of After Life. Really touching. Haven’t spoken to my dad for some years I’m gonna drop him a text today thank you.”

And finally, this fan shares her worst fear for a potential season 3: “First the wife and now the dad – if the dog dies in season 3 of Afterlife I don’t want it.”  

After Life season 2 is available to stream now after releasing on April 24th, 2020.

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