Donald Trump has come up with a strange new cure for the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s all over social media!

With the coronavirus epidemic continuing to get worse before it gets any better, scientists all over the world are rushing to find a cure for the highly infectious, deadly disease that has killed almost 200 thousand people worldwide. A vaccine for a virus of this sort would usually take years if not decades to produce, and even though scientists are aiming to get one made a lot quicker than this, a vaccine for Covid-19 is still far from being readily available to the public. 

President of the United States, Donald Trump, has come up with his own method for curing the coronavirus. Speaking at a White House Press Conference about the coronavirus on Thursday, he said that he sees how disinfectant wipes out the virus in a minute, then continues to say: “Is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside, or almost a cleaning? It would be interesting to check that.” 

Trump has been slammed for simply telling the people of America to inject themselves with bleach in order to cure the coronavirus, and everyone has been warned by experts not to do as he said. 

But one good thing to come out of such a terrible piece of advice is the memes. Trump has yet again become famous in the meme world as the internet has become flooded with memes involving Trump and various cleaning products.

What is the Donald Trump Clorox Chewables Meme?

One of the most popular memes revolves around the popular American cleaning product company Clorox. Somebody has made a meme turning Clorox into a type of chewable tablet or gum called ‘Clorox Chewables’ which should be consumed, as Trump advised, to get rid of the coronavirus.

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The whole meme is a joke after Trump advised that digesting disinfectant would be the best way to combat Covid-19, and the taglines of the false product are ‘Trump recommended’ and ‘don’t die maybe!’.

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Hilarious Trump Lysol Meme

Another big brand of disinfectant products in America is Lysol. The Lysol memes ultimately show people inhaling the cleaning product through various ways. Some of the popular memes include spraying yourself with Lysol spray, using a Lysol asthma pump, putting it in your drinks or even just drinking it straight from the bottle. 

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Trump Bleach Memes explained 

The most popular broad term which encompasses all of the Trump memes is simply the bleach meme. Bleach is a universal name for a strong disinfectant, and the bleach memes are being made not just in America but all over the world.

One of the biggest ones is the popular meme of three people with words placed on them. Trump is seen to be looking at the girl named ‘Bleach’ and ignoring the girl named ‘Hydroxychloroquine‘, a genuine drug that scientists are currently testing which could possibly cure the coronavirus. 

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Don’t share the Trump Disinfectant Meme’s!

Although the memes are really funny, many people are calling for them not to be shared around social media anymore. The memes are meant to be a joke, but are in fact sharing the idea of swallowing cleaning products, which are highly toxic and could be life threatening if actually ingested.