A DVD meme has confused many, but when you see it, you’ll be sharing away too.

Keeping entertained during lockdown isn’t always easy, but most of the time, Netflix has our back. 

The popular streaming service has delivered us some great content since the announcement to stay home was made, but no show or film has taken off quite like Tiger King. 

This documentary phenomenon has stormed social media and generated a wealth of great memes, as well as fuelling a range of interesting debates and conversations. 

Similarly, we’ve also been entertained by a number of puzzles and riddles which have reemerged, particularly on Facebook. 

With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before we saw some Tiger King-themed puzzles making the rounds, and this is easily the best we’ve seen so far…

When you see it DVD meme

An image of a stack of DVDs [see below tweet] has gone viral across social media platforms, with those sharing it asking if others can spot the hilarious pattern. 

Some have managed to see it straight away, but it’s not exactly easy to spot the joke. 

Before going ahead, take another look at the image and pay very close attention to the positions of the letters…

Still haven’t got it? Well, let’s get the mystery solved.  


Explained: When you see it DVD meme

So, what is the message hidden in the stack of DVD’s?

It’s “f**k Carole Baskin.”

We know, we know. You’re probably looking back at the image now and thinking “wait, what!?” We don’t blame you, it’s really hard to spot. 

However, it’s there. So, here’s how to spot the iconic Tiger King quote in the stack…

First, look at the top DVD – The Fate of the Furious – and look at the word “furious”. Focus on the “f” and then look at every letter directly under that. So, you have “u” from Coyote Ugly, “c” from Carrie, “k” from Jack Frost, “c” from Blue Crush 2, “a” from Avengers, “r” from Red etc. 

Once you see it, your eye will immediately be drawn to it every time. 

Now you know the hidden meaning, be sure to share it with your family and friends if they’ve seen Tiger King and see if they can spot it. We imagine they’ll be there for some time!

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