Extraction has arrived on Netflix, but who plays Saju?

Are you missing the cinema? 

Of course you are! There’s nothing quite like heading out to see a film and finally sitting down in your seat, surrounded by people eagerly anticipating what’s about to grace the screen. 

There’s something just so wonderfully communal about the cinemagoing experience… it’s shared. 

However, for those currently missing it, there’s always Netflix!

The streaming service is best known for its wealth of TV content, but they’ve actually offered audiences the chance to catch some of the best films in recent years, from Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story to the Safdie brothers’ Uncut Gems

Earlier in the year, they treated fans of action cinema to Michael Bay’s maniacal 6 Underground, and now, we’re invited to tuck into Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Endgame) and produced by the Russo brothers. 

You’ll all be familiar with the lead, but let’s take the time to spotlight his exceptional co-star.

Extraction: Who plays Saju?

  • In Extraction, the character of Saju is played by Randeep Hooda. 

The 43-year-old Indian actor and equestrian has won two Stardust Awards and has been nominated for numerous accolades at other ceremonies. 

As noted by the Deccan Herald, he opened up about his character in Extraction during a set visit: “My character – Saju – as they say, is the wrecking ball. He is responsible for Chris and other characters’ involvement.”

It was quite a new experience for him: “I got a great gun and I was waiting to fire some blanks and be like Rambo. I’ve never done this kind of action before. It was really, really cool. The stunt team in this movie was absolutely amazing whether it is driving, guns or hand-to-hand combat…The first day, I thought what have I got myself into but then it started to grow on me. Your body is the most beautiful instrument you have and action movies put it to good use. As you stretch your limits, you realise you’ve got to look after yourself…”

As for working with Chris Hemsworth, he added: “It has been an absolute pleasure…”

Randeep Hooda: Previous roles

According to IMDb, Randeep Hooda first appeared on screens in a 1999 episode of Rajdhani

However, his feature film debut came in the 2001 romantic comedy Monsoon Wedding (he played Rahul Chadha) directed by Mira Nair. 

Subsequently, he starred in the likes of 2005’S D (Deshu), Getting Scared is Necessary (Ajay Doshi), Risk (Surya), Ru-Ba-Ru (Nikhil Singh), Colours of Passion (Raja Ravi Verma) and more. 

This takes us up to the 2010s, which he kickstarted by starring in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Later films include Jannat 2 (ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi), John Day (Gautam), Highway (Mahabir Bhati), Beeba Boys (Jeet Johar), Laal Rang (Shankar Singh Malik) and Sarbjit (Sarabjit Singh). 

Extraction isn’t the only project you can catch him in in 2020 though; he’s also in Rat on a Highway, Radhe, Mard and Love Aaj Kal.  

Follow Randeep Hooda on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Randeep’s work in Extraction and fancy keeping up to date with forthcoming projects, it’s worth following him on Instagram. 

You can find him over at @randeephooda.

There are a number of posts related to the new Netflix film, including one which offers insight into the production, anchored by the caption: “India isn’t just about heat, but a lot of warmth too… here’s a glimpse into shooting #Extraction in India.”

It’s certainly worth taking the time to read the captions, especially for one post which includes a pretty hilarious story from filming which involves horses. 

Extraction is available to stream on Netflix from Friday, April 24th 2020.  

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