The release time for when Predator Hunting Grounds unlocks on PS4 and for the Epic Games store.

Predator Hunting Grounds comes out in a matter of hours as opposed to days and weeks, and a bloody new trailer has been released to hype its fast-approaching launch. If you’re excited about the multiplayer title and wish to play as soon as it launches, here you’ll find the release time for when it should unlock on PlayStation 4 and for the Epic Games store.

Developed by the people responsible for Friday The 13th, Predator Hunting Grounds is similarly an asymmetrical multiplayer experience in which four people team up as soldiers meanwhile one player controls the Predator. As you can see from this description alone its basic foundation is very similar to Jason’s butchering of horny campers.

Regardless of whether you wish to control the soldiers that aren’t as cool as Arnold Schwarzenegger or if you wish to solely play as the Predator, below you’ll discover the release time for when Predator Hunting Grounds should unlock and become playable.

Predator Hunting Grounds download size and preload

The download size for Predator Hunting Grounds is 50 GB on PS4 and you should be able to preload it now.

With that being said, there have been some unfortunate complaints online that the preload isn’t working.

ILLFonic have acknowledged this issue on Twitter and have said that they’re investigating the problem with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

When does Predator Hunting Grounds unlock on PS4 and Epic Games?

The release time for when Predator Hunting Grounds unlocks on PS4 and Epic Games is 00:00 BST on April 24th.

People in the United Kingdom will only be able to play as the Predator and soldiers once the aforementioned release time comes about.

If you’re a fan of early access content for both a Standard and Deluxe Edition, you still have time to pre-order.