People are turning to TikTok to find out how white, or yellow, their teeth are using the new Yellow Colour Selector Filter.

Everyone on TikTok is loving the Colour Selector Filter, an easy way to add a shade of colour to your TikTok videos. 

The filter makes everything appear in black and white, but any objects that are the same as the colour you selected will show in colour. So if you choose red and are wearing red lipstick, the lipstick will show but everything else will be in black and white.

But one colour is proving to be particularly popular, as TikTokers are using the filter just for the yellow tint. And no, it’s not because they want their videos so have a nice yellow spring-toned theme, the reason they are doing so is actually because they want to see if their teeth are yellow!

How to get the TikTok Color Selector Filter

  • Type in the words “Colour Selector” into the TikTok search bar.

  • Find a video that has used the filter. It will have the words ‘Color Selector’ on the left of the screen above their username.

  • Click on the filter and add it to your favourites. 

  • Before you film your TikTok apply the filter.

How to get the Yellow Filter on TikTok

  • Once you have applied the Color Selector Filter, a bar will appear on the screen. 

  • Click on the yellow part of the bar.

  • Now start filming your TikTok and your screen should be black and white with a slight yellow tint. 

People are using the TikTok filter to see if their teeth are yellow!

There’s a new TikTok challenge that uses the Color Selector Yellow Filter, as people are using it to determine how yellow their teeth are.

When you’ve applied the filter and selected the colour yellow, you should start filming your face and smile with your teeth out. If your teeth are really white, the Yellow Filter won’t show up, but if your teeth are already a bit yellow, the filter will make them look even more yellow.

So people are using the Yellow Filter as a virtual dentist to determine how white their teeth are, and then posting the results to TikTok!

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