Absurd Planet has arrived on Netflix, but who voices Mother Nature?

Sure, the lockdown might be a little boring, but could you imagine it without streaming?

Thanks to the likes of Amazon and Spotify, we have access to so many films, shows and albums to keep us happy and entertained. 

However, you could argue that no home during lockdown is complete without Netflix. 

The popular service has continued to offer audiences a wide range of great titles, from the thoroughly addictive madness of Tiger King to the adventurous drama of Outer Banks

Now, they’ve unveiled another documentary for us to dive into.

Absurd Planet is a charming series which takes a fresh approach to the traditional nature documentaries we’re used to, adding in lots of humour while still remaining educational. 

Absurd Planet: Who voices Mother Nature?

  • In Absurd Planet, the voice of Mother Nature is provided by Afi Ekulona.

“I am Mother Nature. When I create a creature, I take it to the max!”

Afi’s voice is the perfect and often hilarious accompaniment to a vast array of fascinating imagery, but where have we heard her before?

Well, according to IMDb, she first appeared on screens in a 2005 episode of Jonny Zero as a cocktail waitress. However, she was also in Third Watch (she played Hairdresser), Guiding Light (Inmate) and a short called Sammy and Marry (Marry) the very same year. 

Subsequently, she landed parts in such shows as Miami Medical (Flight Nurse) and more recently Grey’s Anatomy (Nurse Janet Linn). 

As for films, she voiced Tray in 2019’s Ugly Dolls and appeared as a passerby in 2013’s InAPPropriate Comedy starring Adrien Brody, Lindsay Lohan and Rob Schneider. 

Follow Afi Ekulona on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Afi’s work on Absurd Planet, you can follow her on Instagram over at @afisaywhat; she currently has 180 followers.

However, she hasn’t posted since 2017. 

Nevertheless, there’s still a bunch of older posts to scroll through – 68, to be exact. 

Fans talk Absurd Planet on Twitter

Although it only dropped recently, a number of audiences have already flocked to Twitter to offer their brief thoughts and help draw attention to it. 

As far as nature shows go, this one feels rather refreshing. 

Check out a selection of tweets:




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