Essential stores remain trading, but what time does The Range open?

The UK remains in lockdown to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and reduce the strain currently faced by health services. 

Just weeks ago, Boris Johnson made the pivotal statement which changed everything. 

Instructing the public to adhere to government guidelines, he announced that we must only leave the home for work if absolutely necessary – the majority being furloughed or told to work from home – and shopping for essentials as infrequently as possible. 

With that in mind, you may still be wondering which are the best places to go to. 

A popular choice has been The Range, due to its wide variety of stock, be that pet supplies or cleaning products. However, before you plan your visit, it would be helpful to take note of the adjusted opening and closing times. 

What time does The Range open?

  • The range opens from 9 am and closes at 6 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, the stores close a little earlier at 4.30 pm.

This news comes courtesy of Kent Live, with a member of staff from one of the branches expressing their disappointment with how the retailer has approached the situation: “The only changes made have been to the opening times, we now open at 9 am and close at 6 pm and at 4.30 pm on a Sunday.”

They also weighed in on the argument that the store can be considered essential: “We do sell a few essential items, but we haven’t closed off the rest of the store to focus on just the essentials. A lot of nearby hardware stores have closed and B&Q have moved to click and collect, so it feels like they are trying to take advantage of that with current sales.”

Sharing personal insight, they continued: “It is scary, I don’t feel like we need to be there and that is a feeling shared by my colleagues. Customers have been coming in and buying non-essential items, like bedside tables and cushions, it feels as though they are not taking it seriously at all.”

The width of the aisles has also proven an issue: “We have flatbeds that we use to stock shelves on after deliveries, and we have still been working two-to-three people per flatbed, the aisles are not even two metres wide, so there is no way we can observe social distancing.”


The Range responds to COVID-19 concerns

As highlighted by the Derby Telegraph, chief executive of The Range – Alex Simpkin – defended the store’s right to stay open, stating: “… we’ve had confirmation from Trading Standards that we should remain open during this period of uncertainty for the communities that we serve. We are a value retailer and understand that a lot of our customers rely on us to provide essential items like food and groceries, pet food and veterinary items, non-prescription items, toilet rolls, cleaning products and all at the value prices that they need right now.”

Continued: “Stocking thousands of essential everyday products across 180 stores nation-wide, we’ve been working hard to ensure we can continue to provide safe access to all of these necessities under one roof. While all of our stores remain open, our opening hours have changed. Our store teams have been briefed on the latest Government health and safety guidelines and are taking the necessary actions to help ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues. This includes the implementation of enhanced cleaning routines and social distancing.”

If you’re planning a visit, consider whether it’s essential before heading out. 

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