Here’s another TikTok Challenge to try, but this one will have to wait until after lockdown.

Whilst there are many TikTok challenges you can do at home, as you’re scrolling through TikTok you’re probably seeing a lot of challenges that were filmed before the whole world was in coronavirus lockdown.

The challenges that are filmed out in public are often really fun to do, and although you might not be able to do them now, they can definitely be on your list for when quarantine is over. 

And one of those really fun TikTok’s to add to your list is the Wait for Green Reaction Challenge. 

What is the TikTok Wait For Green Reaction Challenge?

Also better known as the Red Light Green Light Challenge or the Traffic Light Challenge, it involves waiting in your car at a set of traffic lights and filming the traffic light until it goes green. 

At the same time, you play the popular British dance song ‘Red Light Green Light’ by Duke Dumont. You have to time the song perfectly so that when the lyrics say ‘Green Light’ the traffic lights turn green. 

How to film the TikTok Wait For Green Challenge

It might be a good idea to stay in your house and wait until lockdown is over to do this one. But when we are finally allowed out, here’s exactly how to do it.

  • First, get in a car and have your phone ready to film the video.

  • When you pull up to a set of traffic lights, film them on the colour red whilst you’re waiting.

  • Keep filming them until they turn green.

  • Then film your reaction and go crazy when they turn green!

How to get the music for the TikTok Wait For Green Challenge

The music for the challenge is the most important part, and there’s two ways of doing it. 

  • If you want to do the challenge properly, and make it much more challenging, you should play the song Red Light Green Light by Duke Dumont on your car radio whilst you’re filming. Then you have to get the traffic lights perfectly in time with your music. It might take a few tries and could get very frustrating!

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