A lot of Xbox One and Steam loyalists are wondering if Predator Hunting Grounds is ever going to come to their platform of choice.

The Predator Hunting Grounds trial begins this weekend on PlayStation 4 meaning groups of friends will be able to pretend to be Arnold and his group of macho men trying to defeat the world’s greatest hunter (Alien fanboys move aside). While PS4 fans can enjoy a free trial before committing to a full-purchase in April, Xbox One and Steam loyalists are simply wondering if it’s ever going to arrive on their system of choice.

For those who don’t know, Predator Hunting Grounds is developed by the people behind Friday the 13th, ILLFonic. This means you should know to expect a multiplayer horror game where a group of players roleplay as the good guys meanwhile one person plays the role of the big baddie.

It looks to be another fun multiplayer horror game provided you enjoy ILLFonic’s work, but is it coming to Xbox One and Steam?

Will Predator Hunting Grounds be on Xbox One?

No, Predator Hunting Grounds will not be on Xbox One when it launches on April 24th.

While there’s a slim possibility Predator Hunting Grounds could eventually arrive on Xbox One, Microsoft fans shouldn’t hold out too much hope as Sony Interactive Entertainment is listed as the publisher.

However, while the game isn’t landing on Microsoft’s console, PC gamers will be able to enjoy it provided they use the Epic Games Store.

Is Predator Hunting Grounds coming to Steam?

Predator Hunting Grounds isn’t coming to Steam, but it will be available on PC come April 24th.

Steam fans won’t want to hear this, but Predator Hunting Grounds will be playable on PC via the Epic Games Store.

Nothing’s been said about it arriving on the Epic Game Store’s competitor at a later date, so – as of now – you should just treat it as an Epic exclusive on PC.

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