Instagram’s newest music challenge is harder than it looks. Do you think you could listen to four songs in a row without skipping one?

Being stuck in lockdown, listening to music is one of the only things we can really do right now! So maybe that’s why music challenges are becoming so popular all over Instagram.

Everyone is loving posting their favourite songs or albums onto social media, and it’s really interesting to see what other people are listening to as well.

Instagram’s newest music challenge is a big different to all the rest though, and it’s not so much about your favourite albums but more about the songs that you can tolerate listening to without skipping!

What is the Instagram 4 Albums No Skips Challenge?

This challenge requires you to listen to a playlist or album of music, either one of your own or you could choose one on a streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify. 

Then you have to post to Instagram or Twitter the four tracks that you listened to in a row. But it’s not as simple as it seems because the four albums have to be listened to consecutively. If you skip a song, you start back at zero. 

I bet not many people listen to four songs in a row on a playlist without skipping a song!

How to do the Instagram 4 Albums No Skips Challenge

  • Find a playlist or album on Apple Music or Spotify.

  • Listen to the playlist.

  • Screenshot the album artwork and track name when you listen to a song.

  • Keep doing this until you’ve listened to four songs in a row without skipping one.

  • Remember, if you skip a song it doesn’t count, and the next song starts again at zero.

  • Then, post all four photos to Instagram or Twitter with the caption #4AlbumsNoSkips.

  • You could even then tag your friends to do the challenge too!

Try the Instagram Nine Albums Challenge

Another music challenge to try is the Nine Albums Challenge. Also known as the Nine Albums That Changed My Life Challenge, you have to post images to Instagram of nine albums that changed your life. 

It could be a song that was played on a special occasion, or an album that reminds you of somebody, or it could just be a song you’ve listened to on repeat for the last year just because you love it. 

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