A guide for how to turn off crossplay on Call Of Duty Warzone for both Xbox One and PS4.

Call Of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games right now thanks both to the series’ popularity as well as everyone being forced to stay indoors. While there’s been reports that Activison are planning Fortnite-like events to change the game, a major point of discontent right now stems from crossplay with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players looking to turn it off.

Although a lot of master race gamers will attribute the discontent to keyboard and mouse simply being superior to controllers, a lot of PS4 and Xbox One players are reportedly abandoning crossplay for Call Of Duty Warzone due to PC cheaters.

If you wish to join in on abandoning the crossplay bandwagon due to PC cheaters or to strictly play against people on your console, below you’ll discover how to limit your multiplayer capabilities.

How to turn off Call Of Duty Warzone crossplay on PS4

  • Start Call Of Duty Warzone on your PS4
  • Proceed to Options
  • Access the Account tab
  • Find the crossplay option and switch it from Enabled to Disabled

How to turn off crossplay for Call Of Duty Warzone on Xbox One

You can turn off crossplay for Call Of Duty Warzone on Xbox One by disabling the multiplayer option in Settings and Account.

However, while it turns off crossplay, Warzone players on Xbox One have been complaining that the game keeps asking for crossplay to be enabled.

YouTuber LaserBolt has uploaded an in-depth video of how to turn off online gameplay with people outside of Xbox Live, but this has its own issues.

Unfortunately, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have been complaining that it takes longer to find matches when crossplay is disabled. This is probably because the option is enabled by default and therefore the more popular option.

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