Daniel Levy’s Spurs have not exactly painted themselves in a brilliant light during the Premier League’s ongoing postponement.

Stan Collymore has been left baffled by claims that Tottenham Hotspur have asked former manager Mauricio Pochettino to take a pay cut some five months after they shoved him out of the door, writing in The Mirror (21 April, page 47).

Unearthing a positive headline connected to Spurs over the last eight months or so is about as easy as finding a hen with a set of gleaming white molars.

In the space of a year, the North London have gone from Champions League finalists and the free-flowing favourites of neutrals everywhere to a club seemingly lacking any sort of direction or a long-term plan at any level. And the bad news just keeps on coming.

The Standard claimed on Friday that Tottenham had approached Pochettino, who has been placed on gardening leave, to ask whether he would be willing to take a pay cut on his £8.5 million salary. As you might expect, such reports have been met with understandable befuddlement.

“I would have paid good money to have been on the line when Daniel Levy rang Pochettino and asked him to take a pay cut,” says former Liverpool and Aston Villa striker Collymore.

“I’d still be laughing now if I was Poch and, be honest, how many of you would be offering even one brass farthing back, if you were him?

“That’s the messed -up nature of football. Managers and players are called disloyal and greedy, yet they’re the ones that always stand up and say ‘You know what, I will be reasonable and help people through this crisis’.

“The fact clubs put managers on such big contracts, knowing they may as well sack them and have to keep paying them, is just another example of the greed-is-good value of football.”

Back in October, Spurs took the contentious decision to replace a purist with a pragmatist, hiring Jose Mourinho as Pochettino’s successor.

A ‘serial winner’ he may be, Mourinho has been on a downward trajectory for some time however and dismal cup exits to RB Leipzig and Norwich City have done little to quell the nagging feeling that the former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss may be a busted flush – or at least past his best.

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