TikTok’s newest trend shows off the cultures and nationalities of users all around the world, and in true TikTok spirit, this is done with a fun dance and some nifty editing.

If you don’t have a culture which has its own dress then don’t worry, lots of users have used the trend to laugh at their lack of culture, or to poke fun at British culture, or even that of individual universities.

Joining the trend is easy, simply pop on your cultural attire, hop in front of the camera and show your pride!

What is the Culture Dance?

The new dance is to the song ‘Jawsh 685 Laxed [SIREN BEAT]’ by Irenepearson12 and millions of users have joined in.

The trend features people dancing to the song changing from their everyday clothes to their national dress. Some people with multiple cultures show the typical attire from their many countries and cultures and the challenge is a way to celebrate and show off different cultures.

However, in true TikTok style, the trend has become gentrified and the tag flooded with hundreds of teenagers doing the dance in a more sexual manner, but without the cultural aspect. Many people have criticised this, as the original trend was used as a way for people to be proud of their heritage. 

How to do the Culture Dance

  • Select the song on TikTok and click the timer button
  • Move the cursor to around 8.3 seconds and hit record
  • In time with the beats touch each shoulder with your left arm then raise it in the air
  • The clip will end and you need to change into your cultural dress
  • Then, move the cursor to around 14 seconds and do the same thing (this will make it look like you magically changed into your clothes without going off camera)
  • Do the same dance with your right arm and this time, change into the dress of another cultural, or just another outfit of the same culture
  • Hit post!


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