Most TikTok users will be more than familiar with the Hype House, a collective of young American TikTokkers living under the same roof. Now, the UK has it’s very own equivalent.

British TikTokkers have now caught on, with the first UK TikTok house being opened amongst the Coronavirus pandemic.

The house, named ‘The Byte House’ is located in London and despite concerns raised due to the pandemic, the influencers known together as ‘The Byte Squad’ completed the move on the 23rd March, and insist they are taking health and safety seriously. 

From videos poking fun at the Hype House, to pulling pranks on each other, the collective told the BBC they want to create content which will engage users and teach them to stay safe by staying inside.

What is the Byte House?

The collective is made up of six influencers all under the age of 22 years old who have moved into a house together, and the house contains both gay and straight couples who describe the house as an ‘LGBT safe space’. The group are most prominent on TikTok, though they also have a Youtube channel with 10 thousand subscribers. 

The Byte House have partnered with ‘Rise Above’, an initiative developed by Public Health England to promote positive mental health among young people during the lockdown. So far, the Byte Squad TikTok page has gathered an impressive 280.3 thousand followers and a whopping 4.2 million likes and is growing everyday. 

The housemates are managed by Bytesized Talent, owned by Fanbytes, a company which clearly inspired the name of the collective. Fanbytes considered cancelling the move yet ultimately decided to go ahead, providing the residents with care packages once a week, containing essential items.

 Who is in the Byte House?

  • Shauni, aged 19, 5.2 million followers.


  • KT Franklin, aged 19, 1.9 million followers.

          TikTok: ktfranklin

  • Monty Keates, aged 17, 432.3 thousand followers.

          TikTok: montykeates

  • Seb, aged 20, 2 million followers.

          TikTok: sebbbyjon

  • SurfaceLdn, aged 22, 4.5 million followers.

          TikTok: surfaceldn

  • Lily Rose, aged 20, 1 million followers.

          TikTok: itslilyrose

Where is the Byte House?

The Byte house is in central London, though the exact location has not been revealed in order to prevent fans from trying to visit- a health risk that cannot be taken in the middle of a pandemic.



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