Instagram has a new challenge that you really should get involved with, because this one’s raising money for the NHS!

This is the challenge everyone’s been dreading. It’s been making its way round Instagram and it’s for a really amazing cause, but it actually means you have to get out of your post-Easter chocolate induced coma and run, yes run, for roughly 30 to 45 minutes. 

Now I know that doesn’t sound very appealing after you’ve been lazing around indoors for three weeks in coronavirus quarantine. But it needs to be done. 

We’re talking about the Instagram 555 challenge, and if you haven’t been tagged to do the challenge yet, get your running trainers ready because it’s definitely coming to you soon.

What is the 555 challenge?

Also known as the Run 5, Donate 5 Challenge, the 555 challenge encourages people to run 5k, donate £5 to the NHS and then nominate five of their friends to do the same. 

This comes after the NHS are under huge physical and economic strain due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The challenge was originally called Run For Heroes and you donate through Virgin Money Giving. A huge £2 million has already been raised for the NHS!

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How to take part in the Instagram Challenge

Usually people are tagged by their friends to take part in the challenge, but you can still do the challenge even if you haven’t been tagged. 

  • All you have to do is run 5k.
  • It’s good to download an app like Couch to 5k or Strava so you can track how far you’ve ran.
  • Then donate £5 to the NHS.
  • And nominate five of your friends to do the challenge as well. 
  • Make sure you post it all on Instagram!

Backlash against Virgin and Richard Branson!

There has now been a huge backlash against the challenge as it has been revealed that for every donation to the NHS, by donating through Virgin Money Giving, a percentage of it goes straight into the pocket of Virgin CEO Richard Branson. 

With a net worth of $4.1 billion, Branson has earned a fortune through his global Virgin Group, and people are slating him for demanding even more money. 

Many are arguing that Virgin should donate the whole sum of money to the NHS rather than keeping some of it, and are urging people doing the 555 challenge to donate their money through the official NHS fundraising page rather than through Virgin. 

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