Donald Trump has released stimulus checks for the public to help them during the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus crisis across the globe has sadly impacted many individuals and companies across the world. Some have been made redundant, while some small businesses have shut their doors for the foreseeable future.

Every country is trying its best to support the population through financial aids, charity campaigns and a range of individual and business loans. 

Earlier this week, Donald Trump has unveiled a new financial aid for American citizens.

But Trump’s stimulus check has opened an opportunity for many to respond with hilarious memes. 

What is Trump’s stimulus check?

Donald Trump has launched financial support for individuals and businesses to help the country’s economy.

Those who are struggling financially will receive up to $1,200 to help pay their bills and cope better during the global coronavirus crisis.

The amount that each individual receives depends on their income. For instance, those who make between $75,000 and $99,000 will receive less than $1,200, while anyone earning above $100k a year reportedly won’t get financial help.

Trump’s stimulus check meme explained

A number of Twitter users have responded with memes following Trump’s stimulus check.

Some have shared a brokedown of the payment as they calculate what they would use the money for and whether it would help pay all of their bills.

Others, however, are using the opportunity to dive into the topic politically, sharing their verdict on the state of the country. 

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