Michael Gove’s daughter Beatrice was all over the news throughout April 2020.

First, Beatrice – the daughter of Michael Gove and Sarah Vine – hit the news after it was revealed that she was to be tested for coronavirus. Then, given she was stuck indoors quarantining, her TikTok videos were the talk of the internet.

So, what was she actually doing on TikTok which caused such a stir? 

Michael Gove gets coronavirus test for Beatrice

Last week, Michael Gove announced that he was entering isolation given that his 17-year-old daughter Beatrice had displayed symptoms of Covid-19. 

To get him back to work, chief medical officer Chris Whitty permitted Beatrice to get tested, infuriating the majority of the public given that NHS staff are still being denied tests. Beatrice tested negative. 

A representative from No. 10 said:

“The minister in charge of the Cabinet Office is a central role in the coronavirus response. Testing a member of the household ensure that Michael Gove could get back to work to drive the government’s response at a difficult time.”

Beatrice Gove takes to TikTok during quarantine

It didn’t take long for Beatrice’s TikTok account to go as viral.

Some of her most recent TikTok videos included the captions: ‘My family won’t even talk to me now because I have all the corona symptoms’ and ‘Can’t even smoke my weed because my cough is so bad’.

More captions included: ‘Me leaving quarentine too spend 3 years worth of b day money on an ounce’ [sic] and ‘Did you text your dealer “daddy when r u back” when you were faded last night thinking it was your dad’.

Although there have been attempts to wipe these videos from the internet, it doesn’t take too much of a search on Twitter to come across screenshots from Bea’s videos with their captions. 

Beatrice deletes her TikTok

Beatrice’s old TikTok account was deleted shortly after the videos went viral. She is no longer under the username @420bandobaby.

Another user has now claimed this account.

The fact that Beatrice used the name “420bandobaby” also had Twitter users in hysterics, given the Cabinet Minister’s daughter’s direct references to weed.

Beatrice’s back online

After a hiatus from the social media platform, it looks as if Beatrice Gove is now back on TikTok.

She is now under the username @livesfortheelite.

In Beatrice’s TikTok bio, it reads: “Honestly it’s getting tiresome now 4th account going strong.”

She currently has 24,000 followers and has slightly changed her content. Beatrice is now being vocal about the fact that Michael Gove is her father. In July 2020, Beatrice posted two videos. One featured the text: “Me in year 9 when teachers kept indirecting me for my dad changing the gcses”

Another caption reads: “God really made me bis3xual, alt, m3ntally ill, liberal and gave me a tory cabinet minister for a father n said make it work.”

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