A trend that started way back in 2016 has resurfaced in 2020, but why is everyone putting fruit emoji’s on their Snapchat Stories?

Have you ever noticed people posting some random fruit emoji’s onto their Snapchat Stories? 

Well it seems like that’s what all the young people are doing at the moment, and the fruits actually act like a code. 

Each fruit means something different, and it’s safe to say it’s really confusing some Snapchat users!

Why are people putting fruits on their Snapchat Stories? 

People are posting fruit emoji’s onto their Snapchat Stories to indicate what their relationship status is. 

The game has actually been around since 2016 when young girls started posting the fruits onto their Snapchat to confuse boys about whether they were single, in a relationship, dating, or many other options.

It seems as though the fruits are back for 2020, and they’re still just as confusing.

What does blueberry, cherry, strawberry and the others mean?

Every fruit emoji has a different meaning all relating to relationships.

  • Blueberry – Single
  • Cherry – In a relationship 
  • Strawberry – Can’t find Mr. Right
  • Pineapple – It’s complicated
  • Raspberry – I don’t want to commit
  • Apple – Engaged
  • Banana – Married 
  • Avocado – I’m the better half 
  • Lemon – I want to be single 
  • Raisin/ Grape – I want to get married to my partner

How to get involved

  • It’s certainly an interesting way to find out the relationship status of your friends, and it’s really easy to do.
  • All you have to do is post a fruit onto your Snapchat story that relates to your relationship status.
  • You can either post it obviously, or hide it in the background of a normal photo and see if people notice. 
  • You can also message people asking them to post a fruit.
  • Then, if you see one of your friends changing their fruit, you know that their relationship status has changed. 


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