The series includes a number of shocks, but does John B die in Outer Banks?

Considering we’re confined to our homes, watching the Pogues embark on a breathtaking adventure felt like exactly what we needed.  

Created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke, Outer Banks premiered on Wednesday, April 15th 2020 and swiftly wrapped audiences up in its tale of treasure, romance and excitement. 

At ten episodes, many viewers made quick work of the series, racing through it in just a couple of days. It’s certainly binge-worthy television, with the cast doing such a terrific job all round. 

However, there’s clearly a fan favourite in John B!

The character is played by 27-year-old actor Chase Stokes, with the show introducing majority audiences to his talents. 

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Does John B die in Outer Banks?

  • No, John B does not die in Outer Banks.

Episode 10 was the most eventful of the bunch, there’s no doubt. When John and co had found the gold, they encountered a pretty big problem…

Fast forward and he and Sarah are caught in a storm, holding on for their lives as the water crashes around them.

Back home, the worst is expected, however, we know that the pair have been picked up by a boat and are on their way to the Bahamas where they’ll have the chance to recover the treasure from Ward’s clutches. Sarah will surely prove essential in helping navigate the area and her father’s business will likely be instrumental in determining where the gold is being kept.

So, the ending has set things up nicely for a second season and we expect renewal will be announced in no time.

Chase Stokes: Previous roles

According to IMDb, Chase Stokes first appeared on screens back in the 2014 short Lost Island (he played Captain Charles Whitaker). 

A year later he landed the part of Ethan Terri in an episode of Base. However, in 2016 he appeared in a little-seen show you’ve perhaps heard of… Stranger Things!

That’s right; he makes an appearance in the episode ‘The Monster’. 

Moving on, he starred in such TV series’ as Daytime Divas (Graham), Tell Me Your Secrets (Adam) and The First (Finn), while also showcasing his talents in the films The Beach House (Russell Bennett) and Between Waves (Young Dale). 

As for the future, he’ll appear – along with Outer Banks co-star Caroline Arapoglou – in the forthcoming drama film Dr.Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets, directed by Yaniv Raz. 

(L-R) Drew Starkey, Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes attend the premiere of Netflix’s “I Am Not Okay With This” at The London West Hollywood on February 25, 2020 in West Hollywood,…

Fans talk Chase Stokes and John B 

Since the show premiered, a number of fans have taken to Twitter to weigh in their thoughts on the character of John B and actor Chase Stokes. 

It’s clear to see that a heartthrob is born with Outer Banks!

Check out a selection of tweets:







In other news, Caroline Arapoglou shines in Outer Banks.