The Glasgow Kiss meme has been around for a while, but now people are adding their own contexts to it. The video was already funny enough on its own, and now it’s even more hilarious!

With the majority of the world in coronavirus lockdown, we’re all loving memes more than ever. The little comedic photos are certainly easing our boredom a little bit, with Karen Meme’s and Jesus Meme’s absolutely everywhere on out social media feeds. 

But there’s nothing better than a video meme. Get a video of a random stranger doing something funny and share it round social media with out of context captions. Absolute comedy gold.

And a perfect example of just that is the Glasgow Kiss Meme. The original video is hilarious enough on its own, but when people add their own captions to it it’s even funnier. 

What is the Glasgow Kiss Meme?

The original meme is a video of a random British girl filming herself whilst in the middle of an argument with someone. We’re guessing she’s talking to her younger sibling as she reveals that the other person is twelve years old. But the person, who is not shown in the video, has obviously just said something nasty, and the girl is getting her revenge.

“What did you just say to me? What did you say to me? You wanna get a Glasgow Kiss”, she shouts in pure anger. She then continues the argument by hurling insults at the other person, calling them ugly and childish and says “you’re so ugly you need them glasses to hide your identity!”

She then finishes with the most well shared quote of the video: “I will spark him in his jaw mate. Send him to A&E!”

What is a Glasgow Kiss?

But does anybody actually know what a Glasgow Kiss is?

According to Urban Dictionary, a Glasgow Kiss, is a slang term for a headbutt, so the girl is threatening to headbutt the other person. In Glasgow, it is more traditionally known as a a ‘Gorbals Kiss’, referring to Gorbals which is the most dangerous area of Glasgow. 

People are adding their own contexts to the Glasgow Kiss meme

The ending of the video, the part where the girl says “I will spark him in his jaw mate. Send him to A&E” has by far become the most famous part of the Glasgow Kiss meme.

Lots social media users have used this quote and applied it to their own contexts to create their own versions of the famous meme. 


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