Name a fruit without an i someone asked – what is the latest riddle all about?

It’s funny how quickly a new thing has become an instant hit with people staying at home. 

During the quarantine period, many have started coming up with riddles and puzzles as people are after fun and interactive activities while the social distancing rules are in place. 

A popular one right now is the so-called ‘fruit without an i’ riddle.  

So, here’s the riddle for you explained and the answer to it. 

‘Fruit without an i’ riddle explained

So, here is what the riddle asks:

  • Name a fruit without the letter ‘i’ in it.

Could it be a banana or an apple? Or perhaps something more exotic like pomelo or lychee?

The riddle sounds pretty straightforward when you first hear it. And the answer is much easier than we expected. 

Answer: ‘Fruit without an i’ riddle 

  • Those of you who have guessed it right – yes, the answer is ‘frut’. 

It’s funny how the riddle asks you to name a fruit without the letter ‘i’ in it and you immediately start making a list of all fruits you can think of.

But the answer is so simple as all you have to do is remove the letter i! And that’s where many have missed their chance in getting the riddle right as the answer lies in the actual question.

Twitter reacts to the riddle on Facebook

A quick browse on social media shows that the puzzle is more popular on Facebook than on Twitter.

And some Twitter users have claimed the riddle is no fun when the answer is so obvious. Riddles are meant to have clever answers after all, right?

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