TikTok challenges are weird and wonderful ranging from dancing while dressed up as Joe Exotic, to attempting to crack an egg with your bicep. But the newest challenge is simply just weird, and rather dangerous.

What could it be, you may ask? Well, teens have taken to TikTok to film themselves getting high off of nutmeg. Yes, you heard me right, nutmeg. 

The videos show users how to join in, but the comments warn of dangerous side effects and health problems caused by this challenge. 

What is the Nutmeg Challenge?

The Nutmeg Challenge sees users mixing ground nutmeg and water and drinking it to get high. .The high is said to cause hallucinations and dizziness and can last between six and thirty hours. 

What are the dangers of the Nutmeg Challenge?

One TikTokker advised users not to try this trend if they suffer from anxiety and said ‘personally I don’t have anxiety but I did panic and had to Facetime my friend to calm me down’. Another said ‘try at your own risk apparently it’s dangerous’. 

Others criticised the trend with one user commenting ‘please don’t make this a trend, it’s incredibly dangerous and there are a lot of small minded people who won’t think of the long term consequences’. 

What do health experts think of the TikTok trend?

Healthline.com writes that: “While nutmeg may seem like an easy way to experiment with getting high, myristicin is an incredibly potent and dangerous compound when taken in large amounts.”

They also explain that:

“In addition to the short-term effects of nutmeg intoxication, there are much more dangerous risks of consuming too much of this spice. In some cases, toxic doses of myristicin have caused organ failure. In other cases, nutmeg overdose has been linked to death when used in combination with other drugs.”

The takeaway? Don’t try this challenge, it isn’t as harmless as it may look. 

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