If you’re an iPhone user you definitely will be aware of all the cool hacks and effects built into the phone. iMessage is no different, and the feature is jam packed with text effects you can send to your friends.

You want to congratulate someone? Send the text with some confetti. It’s your friends birthday? Use the firework effect. Confessing your love? You can send your iMessage in a heart shaped balloon!

All these are accessible on the menu you can browse to select an effect before you send a message but iPhone users have found a quick hack to access possibly the coolest effect there is: The laser show. 

Here’s how you can try it too, using only the words ‘Pew Pew’.

How to do the ‘Pew Pew’ laser show

It’s pretty simple, just send the words ‘pew pew’ as an iMessage to someone and your screen will be lit up by a virtual laser show complete with coloured lights and vibrations. The recipient will see the same thing you do when they open up the message and will be greeted with a cool surprise. 

However, you have to make sure to send it to another iPhone user, as the effect only works with iMessage, not on Android or any other make of phone. 

What other words trigger effects like Pew Pew on iMessage?

There are plenty of other words which also trigger cool effects on iMessage. You don’t have to do anything just type the words and send them, and your phone does the rest. 

  • Happy birthday- this triggers the balloon effect where your screen fills with balloons
  • Congratulations- this one causes confetti to be released on your screen
  • Happy New Year- this sentence leads to your screen being alight with fireworks

How can I manually select a text effect?

If you want to choose an effect yourself, you can and any effect can be applied to any message. Here’s how:

  • Type out your message, making sure you are connected to the internet so the message can send as an iMessage
  • Hold down the send button long enough for a menu to pop up 
  • You can either choose whether you want the effect to be on the whole screen, or just on the message bubble itself
  • Select your effect and click on the send button

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