Which course for Madam M should you choose in the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

The Final Fantasy VII Remake has a bunch of choices for you to make during its length, and some of these are seemingly just for show like in most of Persona 5 whereas others provide a different scene as well as the opportunity to grab different side quests. This applies to the choice of which course to choose from for Madam M.

 In chapter nine Cloud can get one of three dresses, and the white dress is dependent on completing side quests for the inexplicably gorgeous hand masseuse that’ll get people with a hand fetish rock hard.

However, if you want to complete the side quests for Madam M as opposed to Chocobo Sam, you’ll need to select the right option when it comes to which massage course.

Which Madam M course should you choose in the FF7 Remake?

There are three Madam M massage course options which you can choose between in the Final Fantasy VII Remake:

  • Luxury Course (3,000 gil)
  • Standard Course (1,000 gil)
  • Poor Man’s Course (100 gil)

Whichever one you pick will provide a slightly unique cutscene in which Cloud either feels unfathomable pain or comfort.

While the ensuing scene of hilarity will differ on what you select, you’ll want to avoid the middle option and go for either of the two extremes depending on your feelings towards Madam M.

Choosing the Luxury Course will result in you fighting for her in the Colosseum and provided you complete all three ensuing side quests Aerith will look magnifique. 

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