The Bicep Egg challenge on TikTok has left users perplexed as to why it is so difficult to crack an egg with your arms.

The aim of the challenge is to place an egg in the crook of your elbow and attempt to crush it with your forearm and biceps.

The challenge has seen even the most muscular people struggle to crack the egg, despite their strength and size. 

Why is the Bicep Egg Challenge so hard?

The reason why it appears so impossible to crack the egg is pretty simple, and being stronger actually puts you at more of a disadvantage with this challenge.

The reason the egg won’t crack in between your arm muscles is because, by squeezing the egg from both sides you are applying an equal amount of pressure on it which is distributed across the whole of the egg.

The bigger your muscles, the more evenly the pressure applied to the egg is spread-meaning it becomes very hard to break. This is the same reason why it is so hard to break eggs by squeezing them in your hand. Eggs are easily broken with sharp objects, or on the side of a bowl as a lot of force is applied to one small area of the egg, causing it to break. 

How can I win the Bicep Egg Challenge?

 There is no easy way to win the challenge, which has shocked lots of users who relied on their muscles to crack the egg! Jacqueline Jossa, winner of this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, posted a TikTok of her husband Dan Osborne trying the challenge, with no success. She said ‘I thought he would be able to crack it.’

while he exclaimed ‘it’s not possible!’ and yelled in pain. Some viewers have managed it, but ended up with cuts in their arm from the eggshell, or egg yolk all over the place- so be careful. As some people have managed it, the challenge isn’t impossible as others have claimed, but unfortunately there is no method for guaranteed success, you just have to squeeze very tightly. 

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