The newest TikTok trend has seen users ditch their usual clothes for… pillows!

The videos have gathered hundreds of thousands of views, and feature TikTokkers wearing their pillow as a dress  whilst dancing to Beyoncé. 

The challenge is also becoming big on Instagram, where users are posting creative pictures of them wearing a pillow and styling it up as much as they can!

What is the Pillow Challenge?

The Pillow Challenge is the newest TikTok trend which many verified users have taken on. The videos feature people wearing their pillow on the front of their body, with no clothes underneath, secured on with a belt around the waist- the aim is to make the pillow look like a dress! The videos are set to ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé and are captioned with #pillowchallenge. 

How to do the Quarantine Pillow Challenge

 Here’s how you can hop on the trend:

  • Grab a pillow (the longer the better) and hold it in front of you body vertically
  • Secure it onto your body with a belt
  • Hide any signs of clothing- you want it to look like you’re only wearing the pillow!
  • Select ‘Single Ladies’ as your song and get dancing!
  • Make sure to use the hashtag #pillowchallenge for more views

#Pillowchallenge on Instagram explained

Don’t have TikTok? No problem! The challenge has made it’s way over to Instagram too where users are taking photographs in their new pillow attire with everyone including men, women and kids joining in! Simply search #pillowchallenge to view the best pictures and get stuck in yourself. 

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